Realistic drawings Portrait by Lotte Philip

Artist Lotte Philip exploring Portrait Realism

Lotte Philip, 22, is based in Norfolk, UK. She was born into a love for art that grew into a fascination for Portrait Realism. Lotte has honed her skillset by exercising her realistic style across Pencil and Oil paint mediums. The skill, love and support for her art has increased with experience and time. Since starting her Instagram page in 2016 it was only until 2020 where she started sharing her work more regularly and taking her work to a commodifiable level.

Portrait drawings by Lotte Philip

She offers prints and commission work which pushes her to perfect techniques and enhance her professional approach. Her commissions are often of peoples loved ones and pets and are unique to satisfy the client’s desires; capturing the mannerisms and personality of each subject she draws. As she says on her Website: ‘Every portrait captures the unique personality of the subject that can be treasured for life’. The fulfillment from completing a painting/drawing, including arranging prints, is what Lotte most enjoys about doing commission work. Whether that is a graphite drawing or an oil painting, every canvas and paper holds an emotional appreciation of real-world images that continues to motivate her to create more. Especially if this means capturing sentimental memories or edits of photos that otherwise would not be made possible of lost loved ones/pets. She continues to prioritise and enjoy her commission work and what that joy can bring to people. ~ Lotte Philip Art

Lotte hopes to continue to improve and looks forward to where her art will take her in the future.

Cat drawing by Lotte Philip

Cat painting by Lotte Philip

Nisrina realistic portrait drawing by Lotte Philip

Pencil draw portrait by Lotte Philip

Realistic Portrait drawing by Lotte Philip

Dogs portrait by Lotte Philip

Draw realistic portrait by Lotte Philip

Realistic portrait drawing by Lotte Philip

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