Richere Barbeau French American artist

French-American artist who specializes in oil portrait paintings

I am a French-American artist who specializes in oil portrait painting with an emphasis on the beauty of women’s inner strength and vulnerability. I view women as an opportunity to create works of art and to express all that is within. Through my work, I portray the naked, yet true inner beauty of a woman.

Having quit art for two years, I’ve had to look within myself, to begin creating again when the pandemic began last year. I found that although I felt vulnerable and unworthy as an artist, the desire to bring someone to life on canvas was undeniable. I drew inspiration from my past, my journey as an artist thus far, and those around me. But more importantly, inspiration came to me from my own failures. Through this, I was able to identify my style of work and focus on the type of portrait paintings that I wanted to express.

The world around us is so unique and vital to our creativity. I love to utilize small yet empowering elements to include with my portraits, such as nature, small animals, flowers and other symbolism. The reason being is that we as humans and the world around us are all connected no matter where we are.

Portraits are an amazing way to express emotions without having to speak of them out loud. Artists today are able to communicate important messages through the smallest brushstroke or the brightest pop of color. Painting faces has allowed me to send multiple messages to my audience and I hope that others find inspiration, strength and unity through my work.

My Instagram page, @richere_art is updated with all of my latest paintings. I hope to explore different themes of portraiture art in the future.

Daisy Gold black woman portrait oil painting“Daisy Gold”

Crimson Lioness gold red asian portrait oil painting“Crimson Lioness”

Dorota Głuszek model realistic portrait painting“Softly Gazing”

Oil painting pink peach and blue color palette

“Betta Fish”

Realistic indian portrait oil painting“I Am Happy”

Realistic oil painting portrait“Orchid Flower”

Realistic portrait painting“Hello, Sunshine”

Fabric and clothing fashion painting by Richere“Fabric and clothing” fashion painting

Beautiful portrait painting by Richere

Realistic portrait inspired by winter and ice“Icy Cold Blues”

Sea turtle and tropical flower portrait“Sea Turtle Fun”

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