Handmade Greeting Cards

Handmade Knitting Greeting Cards

My name is Nijole Hunter. I am an RN nurse and there is my story of creating those cards. I call them healing cards. But first of all, I will introduce myself.

I was born in Lithuania, being passionate about knitting since I was brought into this world by my loving Mother. A few needles first were given instead of a pacifier I think. As she grew up, abilities to knit developed as well. It was fun for me and recreation to knit my thoughts into pieces instead of letting them fly in the air. There was a possibility to learn a lot from my aunts, who were knitters. I have done lots of sweaters, scarfs, mittens in the past. There is my new project, which was created thinking about someone who was really sick. Actually, I came up with this idea working with hospice patients, when one day relative brought a card that did not reflect the patient’s current condition. The words; “Get Better, or get well” hard hit her like a storm. She knew that she was not ever going to get well. So, I decided to create cards for every occasion in our life.

Drawing from my knitting skills, I decided to create cards without words, but that could provoke pleasant thoughts just by looking at it. I went to the store and bought a lot of supplies not knowing what I am going to make. I started with simple elements such as a flower and a leaf, moving towards all conception.

Knitting Greeting Cards

Beautiful Knitting Greeting Cards

Handmade Knitting Greeting Cards

Handmade Knitting Greeting Cards

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