Elisavetasivas in love art sculptures

Elisaveta Sivas Creates Figure Sculptures Inspired By A Deeper Love Of Human Nature

I have been always dreaming about flight. Flying in my dreams and enjoying the metaphorical flight in my reality. My art is a story about the desire to be free, to open the wings and to fly, to feel pure love, to let yourself go to your dream. I am an idealist and always do struggle to achieve the best. The best of my soul and the best of my presence in this world. And when I fail and fall, I always find inside myself strength to get up and to continue my way. My art communicates my most sincere feelings and ideas, tells stories about love and freedom. My sculpture and painting investigate people and try to inspire them to be free and to follow their soul. ~ Elisaveta Sivas

“Vindication of the Gorgon Medusa.”

Creates Figure Sculptures

Gorgon Medusa is usually known as a formidable foe and people forget her kind side and her tragical story and unfair fate. In this artwork, I wanted to vindicate Medusa and so I made beautiful girls instead of snakes. I think we should always try to see the positive and kind side. Medusa’s blood could kill, but also could heal. Young Gorgon Medusa was a beautiful girl, but Poseidon decided to rape her in Athena’s temple. So Athena punished her and turned her into an ugly foe. Let’s vindicate Medusa and remember her kind and beautiful side, too.

“Coming Closer”

In love art sculpture by Elisaveta Sivas

This sculpture is about true feeling, pure love, which has the power to unite people even when there is a huge distance between them. There is no distance for the soul, there is no distance for love.

“Dreaming Love”

Creates Inspired Artwork Figure Sculpture

A man is dreaming about love. It is a metaphorical representation of a dream.

“Flight Desire”

Flight Desire - Elisaveta Sivas Artist Creates Allegorical Sculptures

Desire to fly is a desire to be free. To be able to take the direction which follows your soul’s desire.

“Into His Mind”

Into His Mind - sculpture of a woman

It is not easy for a woman to understand a man. Our brain and psychology do differ. In my sculpture a woman is trying to understand man’s mind and literally trying to enter his brain.

A series of allegorical sculpture where the artist uses allegory to express her ideas in a composition of a head with smaller figures.

In love arts

The sculpture is symbolic. The head could represent a person or a world, while the smaller figure or figures represent an idea, a dream, a desire. It is an original metaphorical way of representation of ideas, a device often used in literature.

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