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Alessandra B-B, Professional Artist from Barcelona

Alessandra B-B, a professional artist from Barcelona, was born in 1986 in Vitebsk. Small yet remarkable town of Marc Chagall, the founder of the avant-garde school.

During her studies at the institute, Alessandra won a scholarship in Barcelona with her project. One year in Spain’s coastal city had a tremendous influence on her work. Picasso, Gaudi, its architecture, all this formed her further aspirations.

Next ten years Alessandra has been living in Moscow, has been painting, teaching and taking part in exhibitions, but she could not let go of her desire to come back to Spain.

Since 2017, the artist has been living in Barcelona and working in her studio.

Alessandra collaborates with galleries from New York, Moscow, London, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona.

Nowadays her paintings are situated in many private collections in the USA, Canada, Israel, Russia, Spain, France, Great Britain etc.

Alessandra working with as an artist Transformation Art

A bit of story
“During my very first art school class, our teacher put a vase of fruits and vegetables in front of us and said that fruits always talk in still life, a red bell pepper whispers something to a green apple that is why the red is reflected on the green. Obviously she was talking about the technical bases of fine arts. But she had no idea that my way as an artist has started with this phrase. I realized that all the objects in this world are connected with each other, they influence each other and are constantly transforming. And my goal is to depicture it” ~ @abbpainting

Alessandra B-B Melon transformation art

In love art

Garlic transformation painting

Grape transformation art Oil pensil on canvas

New flower transformation painting

New plum transformation painting

In love art, The art of love

In the new series “Transformations”, Alessandra draws a parallel between the processes of wilting of fruits and vegetables and the human body.

Having worked her way up from object painting through abstraction to revised ideas of cubism, Alessandra is in constant search for the best way to depict time. She uses the main principle of cubists to represent an object simultaneously from each side, but she applies it not to space but time.

Observing the complete life cycle and transformations of a fruit or vegetable from the moment it was picked to the moment when it disappears forever, the artist compares this to the processes taking place in her own body. She mentions that her body is not going to be young and vital forever, it’s mortal and, as a fruit or a vegetable, it goes through a trans-formation and will decay. Being obsessed with shapes and colors, Alessandra aims to show others that the process of aging and decay can be different from the picture that our society conditioned us to perceive. As the artist says: “Every change signals our inner growth and progress. We become older, wiser, and more experienced.”

Through this series, Alessandra wants to show every person in the world, especially women, that everyone should love their body at any stage of life as the changes are natural. She calls for seeing beauty in aging because there is much more behind it. There is a life story that you can see in wrinkles, the breasts that nursed the baby, in the aged hands of a person who was manually working for ages.

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