Artist Chris Hynes Turns Scrap Metal Into Incredible Animal Sculptures

Artist Chris Hynes Creates Incredible Sculptures From Scrap Metal

The process I use to create these sculptures begins in the local junkyard. Sometimes the pieces are sketched out in advance with a preconceived notion as to what the final sculpture will become. Other times a found object will inspire me to create a sculpture based on the form or shape of the discovery itself.

My latest works have recently been revolving around critically endangered species and constitute a mixed media approach to the design that reflect a fragility to the subject matter. These sculptures juxtapose the “organic” to inorganic by transitioning the form from natural “flesh” to the cold harshness of man-made metal. ~ chris hynes

Scrap metal fish sculpture“John Dory Mark II”

Scrap metal rhino sculptureRhino is “Deconstruction”

Scrap sea turtle sculpture outdoorSea turtle “Restitution”

Scrap whale sculpture

Humpback Whale is “Adrift”

Large eagle sculptureEagle “Resolution”

metal humming bird sculptureHummingbird “In the Garden of Pan”

Amazing angler fish sculptureFish with Lightbulb “The Angler”

Scrap squid sculptureSquid “Calamar”

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