Different style makeup look by sfx artist Hev
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Hev SFX Makeup Artist Transforms Into Different Styles

My name is Hev, I got “into” make-up because of my mum, she was a huge influence, I loved all the vibrant colours in her make-up palette, whether it’d be bright eyeshadow or lipstick and I knew I wanted the same when I grew up.

As soon I was old enough and realised makeup was a profession I dreamt of working on horror films, like the ones I adore, of course the ones with mega amounts of gore! There are so many favourites to choose from but my all-time favourites for inspiration are the Saw movies and American Horror story. Even though I am a huge fan of all things gore, one of the main reasons I love doing makeup as a career is its variety and different styles, you really do never stop learning. I’d say my style sways more towards excessive, high impact make-up, whereas I find more minimal makeup styles absolutely stunning, from just a simple eye look to a full body paint.

Beautiful eye makeup by makeup artist Hev

Fair to say my appearance definitely reflects in my style of make-up, it’s constantly changing as I’m learning and trying out new styles and techniques. I really enjoy switching up my appearance.

When I left school I realised this was the career for me and took it more seriously. To pursue my dream I studied a few different courses and got involved in work experience till I managed to get into the industry. This has lead to great jobs including on set jobs for film and TV, a literal dream come true. I have met and became friends with some amazing people and so thankful to have a career that is so diverse and constantly changing.

If you could see my work I have created on others as opposed to what I create on myself, they couldn’t be more different which is why I love being a make-up artist. If you do so happen to come across my work it will forever be changing and transforming into different styles.

I’m hoping to further my career in the industry and get involved in as many different types of work as I can, however, my ultimate dream is all things gore!

I do my best to keep up to date with my social media and all things make-up related which is all located on Instagram, TikTok and I also do the odd body painting live stream on my Twitch. I go by as @hevthyr on just about anything! Feel free to join anytime, I highly appreciate it and thank you for any support.

Circulatory System Body Paint by Hevthyr

Fabulous and a glorious joker makeup look by Hevthyr

Scary clown makeup art by Hevthyr

clown jester makeup art by hevthyr

Scary halloween makeup art by Hevthyr

Multicoloured wig makeup look by hevthyr

Cute Clown Makeup Look by hevthyr

Snow leopard makeup look by makeup artist Hev

Broken heart cute devil makeup look by Hev

Scary devil Makeup look by artist Hev

Scary joker makeup look by artist Hev

Scary makeup look by makeup artist Hev

Scary makeup looks by makeup artist HevScary makeup looks

Scary teeth makeup look by makeup artist Hev

Skeleton makeup look by makeup artist Hev

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