Fashion Illustrations by Farinaz Ghaffari Namin
Fashion Illustration

Farinaz Ghaffari Namin Digital Painter and Character Designer

My name is Farinaz Ghaffari Namin and I am a Digital painter / character designer. I was born in 1995 in Tehran and studied civil engineering at KIAU University and also I am a transportation management MS student in SRBIAU. But suddenly 4 years ago I opened my eyes and saw that I also want to be an artist too!! I have been playing video games, watching animation and drawing my OC characters since I was 8 years old. So I have been familiar with art my whole life. But 4 years ago I decided to try digital painting more professionally and I started this way by painting on my Note 5 and my work started that year!!! So yes, all my work life started with an old smartphone And now I’m a game character designer!!! I became interested in fashion 2 years ago so I started to illustrate my favorite looks and posted them on Instagram. Also, I received my fashion degree from professional courses. Then I had the opportunity to design some clothes and illustrate for some of the magazines and brands and participate in some exhibitions. I’m still studying because I know that art is an ocean and I only know a little bit about this ocean.

Schiaparelli fashion Illustration by Farinaz GhaffariSchiaparelli Fashion Illustration

Moschino flamingo dress illustration by Farinaz GhaffariPink Flamingo Fashion Illustration

Moschino gigi glitch fashion illustration by Farinaz GhaffariMoschino Love

Fashion Illustration of a Beautiful Woman by Farinaz Ghaffari

Blondie Illustration Art

Portrait sketch fashion illustration by Farinaz GhaffariCream Hat

Rangi skrth Illustration by Farinaz GhaffariKisses of the Sun

Leyendecker Fashion Illustration by Farinaz GhaffariLeyen Decker Heritage

Korean guy fashion illustration by Farinaz GhaffariKorean Gaze

Guy brown hair illustration by Farinaz GhaffariBrown Hair Brown Eyes illustration

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