MEET special effects makeup artist Ella Grimmant
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MEET Special Effects Makeup Artist Ella Grimmant

I’m Ella Grimmant, also known as EllaDoesFx on Instagram. I’ve been doing SFX makeup for just over 3 years now. I’ve always been a makeup lover but I found a true interest in SFX when I started teaching myself back in 2017.

My makeup style is pretty much all over the place! I definitely specialise in gory, scary looks but I do love dolling myself up now and then! I just love all aspects of makeup!

My passion began when I started working at scare attractions in the UK such as Farmaggedon. Dressing myself up in spooky costumes and makeup and scaring customers always gives me such a thrill. And I wanted to keep that feeling all year round by starting my journey in SFX makeup!

I am currently working on my new and latest Disney Series – where I turn Disney Characters into twisted versions of themselves, creating a “not so happy ending”. My latest look however is my “exposed brain” look. I love being able to switch things up and come up with some awesome gruesome looks for my followers!

I can’t wait to see where my SFX journey takes me, and I’m so grateful for all my family, friends and followers for their constant support. ~ EllaDoesFx

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