Artist Creates Stunning Wildlife Paintings to Raise Awareness, Reflect the soul & inspire

Stunning Wildlife Paintings to Raise Awareness, Reflect the soul & inspire

Mahdhav Sarna is a self-taught, Sydney based artist that focuses primarily on wildlife and conservation pieces.

Using visual artworks and poetic narratives, Mahdhav Sarna harnesses this emotive and vibrant combination to create a language that transcends the physical boundaries between humans and wildlife.

Animal canvas wall art artist Mahdhav Sarna

With a palette that is influenced by the rich and energetic colours of the Auras, the energy fields that emanate from the body; Mahdhav’s work showcases the soul or life that dwells equal in all beings. Expressed furthermore by original, crafted and thought-provoking poetry, which intertwines Eastern and Western philosophical ideas and teachings, Mahdhav aims to share a new perspective from the point of the wild beings in his paintings. Affording a moment of dialogue and the opportunities to find an emotional connection between the viewer and the subject.

His works aim to raise awareness, respect and a greater kinship towards our wild neighbours.

Mahdhav predominantly focuses on life-size paintings as he hopes to not only show an image of the animal, but rather, show it in its full grandeur to the observer.

As an artist, Mahdhav’s genuine desire is to create moments of relatability and awareness that engages in us the simple realisation that we are all closely connected.

Mother gorilla holding baby painting by artist Mahdhav SarnaHOLD TIGHT MY LOVE “Western Lowland Gorilla”

Male lion painting by Artist Mahdhav SarnaTHE NIGHT PATROL: FROM LAST LIGHT “Male Lion”

Tiger Shark painting by Mahdhav Sarna


the elephant painting by artist Mahdhav SarnaTHE GRAVITY OF AN AFRICAN GIANT “African Bull Elephant”

tiger painting by Mahdhav Sarna“The Himalayan Hiker”

Polar bear painting by Artist Mahdhav SarnaSUN-SETTING BEARS “Polar Bear”

Hawksbill Turtle painting by Mahdhav SarnaA GENERATION’S GASP “Hawksbill Turtle”

For further informations or to buy artworks, visit website mahdhavsarna | Instagram @mahdhavsarna

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