Contemporary Figurative Paintings by Lupo Sol

Contemporary Figurative Paintings of Lupo Sol

I started taking painting seriously about five years ago. Becoming a full-time painter. Wanting to be an expressionist, an underground artist or what do I know, once again and now that I’m almost an old man. A flight forward.

I know I’m crazy, but the truth is that it has always been that way. My main influence was the expressionism of Kirchner, Chagall and those colors of madness. Figurative madness. Although from then on I do nothing but learn and know wonderful artists of yesterday and today and they are all influences for me. ~ Lupo Sol

Acrylic Figurative Paintings of Lupo Sol

I would like to have an inexhaustible source of canvases for oil painting, my preferred technique, but since I am poor most of my works are made on paper, with gouache, acrylic, pencils. At the moment I am experimenting with a limited color palette like that of some old Baroque painters, to learn about color and make my paintings look like they were made a couple of centuries ago. Imagination flies.

But I would also like to set aside a little the sarcastic touch that always remains in my works, and surely this will be more complicated for me.

Acrylic Figurative Paintings of Lupo Sol

I don’t like to pretend to explain what I paint, because I think what you see in my works is quite clear. More interesting it seems to me that you, the audience, interpret it as you want. If I needed to speak or write, I would be an essayist, a talker, a poet, or a composer.

Figurative madness, contemporary figurative painting by Lupo Sol

I don’t paint nature, nor color invades my soul, nor any of those absurd things that some artists or “experts” use to describe their work. I don’t want metaphysical stories, which say absolutely nothing about my paintings, nor have I knelt before the word Art.

figurative painting, contemporary figurative painting, modern figurative painting by Lupo Sol

I paint normal scenes of life, portraits and characters that ask “why?”. And although I am inspired by the past, old and poetic images, childhood and memories, there is also a critical charge against society in many of my paintings. Maybe it’s something that is not always appreciated at first sight. But sometimes there are outrages and rage against an absurd system created to enrich ugly guys with a suit, tie and plastic smile, applauded by a mass of lost sheep trying to pretend to be someone.

contemporary figurative painting, contemporary art, modern figurative painting by Lupo Sol

I would like to mock and laugh at everything, but I recognize that it is difficult to achieve it through painting. In this world, everything is challenging and jumps of height.

contemporary figure painting by Lupo Sol

The group of the Stuckists, a movement defined as anti-anti-art, counted on me to exhibit in London or New York… which was a great honor for me. I don’t usually organize events and it is true that in this area of? Spain, where I live there, does not seem to be many opportunities to develop any activity. But now I could not do anything else, I am a figurative and vintage painter and I have to move forward, even if scraps fall from the sky or a hurricane enter through my window.

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