Mind Blowing Makeup Looks Creations By Kristin Ker
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Mind Blowing Makeup Looks Creations By Kristin Ker

Hi again! So a brief backstory about my makeup journey, I started when the covid pandemic started in May 2020. I decided not to work anymore. Being home quarantined and avoiding outdoor activities and people gives me bad anxiety and panic attacks. I started getting tired.

Some of my friends force me to duet my comedy TikTok because they know the comedian of the group. I said no at first, but did anyway,.. started browsing for your pages at night to couple their 2 videos and put me to sleep.

I used to hate TikTok before. It’s a waste of time for me.

Then I saw a makeup artist who made me think. And told me that I can do it. I can do this better. And so I got interested, wondering what they were putting on their faces to create that kind of look. (creative makeup and crazy makeup kinda) I followed them and waited if they would post all the ingredients they used and start shopping online.

And the rest is history. Started making originals, I’m not a fan of the characters in the movie, because I believe 90 percent of Maas has already done that wanting to be different and unique, but they didn’t seem to be surprised at what people haven’t seen before.

So I tried to mix ideas. Started doing my original queens with headpieces and props; Wanted to do more strands and try to practice in all kinds of makeup areas. So I decided to do animals. And that’s when I started to be recognized. And featured on NBC Yay! Wanted to do more, so I started imitating celebrities.

And trying new things, and giving them more and more now even though I am not a fan of the characters of the movie, I am now doing what my followers want to see.. and right now I’m practicing chest painting,j which makes me dizzy lol but ill finish it someday! ~ @mama.kerrr

king queen makeup look by Kristin KerI made this headpiece from zip ties and pearls. I am new into making the headpiece at this look. And found out that pearls and white will make your videos darker. I still don’t know how to do proper lightings so I’m avoiding pearls now.

Disney Aladdin chest painting by Kristin KerI love Alladin. I wish I had done a better job on here, but I was tired. Long hours painting in chest, lower paints in bra line smeared eyes close taking videos and pics is not easy and I am a one-man show. I don’t have any other person to help me with all, even in filming and lights.

Amazing fairy queen makeup look by Kristin KerMy queen fairy! Made all the props here too. Love this one.

Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial YouTube Video

Gorgeous disney body painting by Kristin Ker

My ever first try to paint in my chest, LUCA made me so dizzy and ended up having a headache but I think it’s worth it.

Mermaid queen makeup by Kristin KerThis is the first props I made out of HOTGLUE. Yes, that thingy that surrounds my face both sides are all just hotglue,. And the neck too, so after this I have a lot of headpiece made from hotglue. This is my Atlantic queen.

Gorgeous animal makeup look by Kristin KerInspo is the mobile legend character sun. But wanted to be a realistic monkey as I can.

Sparkly gems crown queen makeup look by Kristin KerThis is one of the longest look I have made. Took me 7 hours and maybe 2 hrs to remove coz of the glitters. Got my face swollen from adhesive, but my first ever most views in TikTok. I think this is the first ones that put me out there and recognized me.. 7 MIL views when I was just starting and that’s kinda a big deal for me,. And each day I learn lessons. Here is to know which adhesive you might be allergic to and try to take anti allergy pill before doing makeup.

Zebra animal body painting by Kristin KerMy zebra queen. I like this a lot!

Disney princess chest painting by Kristin KerFrozen! I think I did a good job here, this is recent for I am doing all the Disney princess.

Brilliant Medusa makeup look by Kristin KerMy latest Medusa. If you were gonna ask me what is my fave look, it will be Medusa. This is my 8th time doing her lol obviously I am obsessed.

Queen makeup look by Kristin Ker

Tribal queen white makeup look by Kristin KerThis means so much to me, I started working with MAC COSMETICS. And until now they are supporting me with all the stuff I’m needing and they promise to support me all the way. So even I don’t ask, they will send me stuff and I am so so blessed to be a part of the MAC family.

Creative headpiece queen makeup by Kristin KerThis fabulous headpieces are all zip ties in different sizes. I put gems coz I always love blings.

Tiger body painting by Kristin KerQueen Tiger- the headpiece was made from HOTGLUE, surrounds my face and color it with face paint as seamless as I can, this is one of the perfect eyes I painted.

Mind blowing Leo makeup look by Kristin KerLEO – A Black lioness with some yellow gold lightning. Hit million views too when I’m doing my Zodiac Signs series.

Props heapiece bra and crown hotglue and rhinestonesThis Queen was just a random idea when I was living in Tiktok, included in my MAC campaign. Headpiece is made from zipties and rhinestones. The bra was made from hotglue.

Medusa’s crown makeup look by Kristin KerMy 3rd Medusa- all the snakes around the headpiece was made from FOAMCLAY .Accentuated with sequins and rhinestones. One of the headpieces took me longest to make..


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