Art painting by artist Tiffi Jung

Kindness & love through the language of art by Tiffi Jung

Tiffi is a freelance illustrator, artist and designer, visualising all her work in her studio in the woods of Germany.

She loves to draw manually and upload it into the digital new world. Her skills vary across illustrations, canvas-art, watercolor-drawings, storyboarding and editorials.

She is always open minded and warm hearted. She loves to experiment with new styles and is craving to learn something new.

Since she was a teenager, she stands and fights for inclusivity and representation. Especially in recent years, a lot of miss behaviour and social injustice have bubbled up and been made transparent to the public. Topics like racial profiling, gender debates, climate change, sustainability, human rights, animal rights and mental health are on the daily news agenda and in the minds of our society and its people. Here it comes in and leverages the power of her creative voice and uses it as a tool to make people aware of where we need to drive change. ~ What The Fox

Amanda Gorman Painting by Tiffi Jung

Zendaya Painting by artist Tiffi Jung

Coronadate Painting by Tiffi Jung

Adam Eve Painting by Tiffi Jung

Adom Painting by Tiffi Jung

Peace Painting by artist Tiffi Jung

Pinguin Painting by artist Tiffi Jung

venus Painting by artist Tiffi Jung

Whales Painting by artist Tiffi Jung

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