Creative Makeup Looks by Chloe Jasmine
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Chloe Jasmine Creative Makeup Looks

My name is Chloe and I am from Perth, Australia. I have always had a passion for art since I was a little girl and in my early childhood years, all I wanted to do was paint. It wasn’t until my early adolescent years that I loved applying makeup and found the form of art by painting on my face and body for something a little different and more challenging. I posted the odd photo here and there on social media that it wasn’t until family and friends loved seeing my creative makeup looks that I decided to up-skill my work and study a diploma in specialised makeup services here in Perth, to learn a bit more about the depth of art through makeup.

In 2020, I started up my own business doing bridal work and event makeup, but due to COVID starting earlier on that year, businesses were shutting down and no one was able to attend events, so unfortunately my work didn’t get recognised and I was unable to keep the business running. I have always loved makeup, but my biggest passion in makeup is the creative type, where I can create whatever I want on my body and make it fun, such as cool character looks and 3D special effects. It wasn’t until closing my business down that I realised I needed to take a slightly different approach towards my passion for the creative side of makeup. In 2022, I started to express my art through social media, where I post videos and photos on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Tik Tok to create an online space for my target audience. I love that I can entertain my followers and express my emotions through the form of makeup as every art piece has a story behind it. It has taken many years of hard work and patience to get to where I am today and I will continue to improve on my work for many more years to come. I love a good challenge and my biggest competitor is myself which I tend to push myself every time I create to be better than I was the last time. I hope that one day I can help teach others how to do what I do, to inspire others to create and follow their biggest passion in life. If you follow your passion and turn it into a career and love what you do you will never feel like you are working a day in your life. ~ @ChloeJasmine

Pinocchio Character Disney inspired Makeup by Chloe Jasmine

Heart skull makeup look for Valentines by Chloe Jasmine

Joker makeup look by Chloe Jasmine

Ariel the little mermaid makeup look by Chloe Jasmine

Elf on the shelf makeup ideas by Chloe Jasmine

Halloween heart makeup look by Chloe Jasmine

Zombie makeup look body painting by Chloe Jasmine

Coat hanger 3d makeup art by Chloe Jasmine

The Silence of the lambs movie makeup by Chloe Jasmine

Purple Devil Makeup Look by Chloe Jasmine

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