DIY Bookmark Knitting Patterns

Veggies Bookmark Knitting Patterns

My name is Nijole Hunter. I was born in Lithuania. From a very early age, I made a dream about becoming a musician. Deep feeling and understanding of what I want resided in me. As a child, I attended an art school and as an adult, I pursued an advanced degree in art. Besides it, I was experimenting with yarns, trying to knit things what I saw. I needed to express what my mind and the heart captured this moment, to tell my emotions and feelings. Might look a bit strange, that I chose yarns instead of crayons? Using yarns I was able to express real elements of the life, they perfectly fit for my design, inspiration. The yarn color communicated my feelings as well.

My life started moving in a different direction after I moved to USA. It happened 15 years ago. To support myself, I became a nurse, had worked long shifts. But passion to create things did not vanish from my heart, because it lived in me. Regarding my passion, I keep moving, able to grow exploring a new knitting techniques.

DIY Bookmark Knitting PatternsBookmark – Eggplant

DIY Bookmark Knitting PatternsBookmark – Pineapple

DIY Bookmark Knitting PatternsBookmark – Strawberry

Veggies Bookmark Knitting Patterns

Bookmark – Carrot

DIY Bookmark Knitting PatternsBookmark – Radish

DIY Bookmark Knitting PatternsBookmark – Chili 

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