Realism nude painting

Figurative realism paintings and desperate to tell the human story

The human figure is the primary focus of my work. The physical magnificence of the human body captivates me but a mere representation of the figure is not what I pursue. I do love painting the figure with bulging veins and muscles and fleshy folds, but beyond the representation of that phenomenal shape that constitutes the body, I am desperate to tell the human story. We live in such a tumultuous divided world and yet we share so much: what makes us experience joy, vexation, sorrow, fright, frustration… is very much the same. We are confronted by similar challenges, defeated by like foes, haunted by neighbor demons. My paintings attempt to expose the deep emotions which we share, hidden secrets which bind us all together.

Universal literary symbols facilitate the narration of my human stories as their vary universality accentuates our common experience. Sometimes my tales explore terrifying realities as I attempt to struggle with my own monsters, while in others, the protagonists are gleeful inhabitants of a magical world far from the drudgery of the mundane. Be they fearless or the contrary, they are all versions of myself, ourselves, human beings, at once fragile and invincible. ~ Teresa Brutcher

Nep Tuna’s Jewelry Box

ocean surface art paintingThe goddess of the sea, charged with the protection of the creatures beneath the ocean´s surface is overcome by the irresistible urge to exploit their beauty. Her vanity and godly indifference prevail.

Nep Tuna, the Fish Monger

beautiful woman realism paintingOnce again, Nep Tuna has betrayed the dwellers of her dominion.

Nep, Tuna, the Fish Whisperer

Realism nude girl paintingHere Nep Tuna is joyfully sharing the secrets of her charges, the caring loving mother that the goddess should be.

Poseidon’s Grandfather Was a Fish Charmer

Hyperrealism painting

This is a purely playful piece; may we all laugh together.

Tell Jr., 20 Years Later

Realism painting male figureJunior sits defiant awaiting the strike of the arrow; indeed he is valence personified.

Temptation II

Hyper realism couple nude paintingThe embracing figures are under the hypnotic affects of seduction, each of them luring the other, each equals in the tempting game.

Temptation III

Amazing nude woman paintingPerplexed, what to do, uncertain as to what the apples mean. The reptile lures and beckons, both a tempting demon and part of her vary skin.

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