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Artist Kerli Draw Realistic Animal Portraits

Kerli is a pastel artist from Estonia. She started drawing since she could hold a pencil in her hand. Every book with nature and animal pictures probably had some scribbles in it as she wanted to draw all the animals.

She started to take art more seriously in her early twenties, it began with experimenting with different mediums like acrylics, oils and graphite pencils. Soon came first commissions and over the years she has produced probably a couple of hundred portraits of pets and humans which now could be found on almost every continent.

„I have always loved to draw. As a very shy kid, I was bullied in school and drawing was my way out, it became my therapy. It still helps me to block all the stress and worries out. When I sit down at my desk and take a pencil in my hand all other things fade away.
I love to draw realistic portraits, my favorite subjects are animals but I don`t shy away from any other challenge like humans or cars. Art is my passion and I hope to give positive emotions to all the people who see my work.”

She likes to create both colorful or black and white portraits in every size. Her dream is to one day be a full-time artist and organize a personal art exhibition. One thing is for sure, she always strives for her goals and art always stays in her heart. ~ kerlierm art

Kerli draw realistic portrait

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