Marisa Clemente – Tiny Sculpt Whimsical Animals In Polymer Clay

Whimsical Animals In Polymer Clay

I am a Portuguese mixed media artist living now in Germany. Since 2017, I’m enjoying mixing my love for nature and animals with my artwork to create lovely whimsical creations. My work can be divided in two main medias: polymer clay and ceramic.

It is with polymer clay that my creative journey started. Polymer clay is an extremely versatile medium. I am still amazed by all the possibilities this new material can provide, letting me create anything my imagination dictates, with almost no limit. My love for the living world is reflected in all my creations and I have a special love for making small detailed pieces. In my artwork, I usually combine abstract animal shapes with realistic natural elements, specially from the Plantae and Fungi kingdoms. However, other natural elements can also be embedded into my art pieces, like crystals and outer space details. More recently, I started sculpting with natural clay, reconnecting that way with my ceramic family tradition.

For those who like to keep a close connection with all aspects of my art, I also hand sculpt tiny whimsical pendants in the same artistic line.

Amanita Muscaria Fox, Polymer ClayAmanita Muscaria Fox, Polymer Clay

Spirit Forest Dragon, Polymer ClaySpirit Forest Dragon, Polymer Clay

Ink Cap Fox, Polymer ClayInk Cap Fox, Polymer Clay

Big Dipper and Little Dipper, Necklaces, Polymer ClayBig Dipper and Little Dipper, Necklaces, Polymer Clay

Sakura Dragon, Polymer ClaySakura Dragon, Polymer Clay

Elder Barn Owls, Necklaces, CeramicElder Barn Owls, Necklaces, Ceramic

Koi Fish School,Necklaces, Polymer ClayKoi Fish School, Necklaces, Polymer Clay

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