Hyperrealism portraits of the psyche thoughts and emotions

The portraits of Rubén Contreras into the psyche, thoughts and emotions

The portraits of Rubén Contreras take us beyond the skin and into the psyche, into his subjects’ thoughts and emotions, be it an innocent young girl or a wise old man, describing, in detail and with acute technical skill and sensitivity, every shape, contour, silhouette, shadow, color, and accident momentarily inhabiting their faces. Their expressions, gestures, and glances surpass any category of simple characterization to truly establish their imposing presence before us.

For the painter, beauty breathes through the pores of those they paint, some familiar and others mere strangers, but all speaking and expressing their personality through their face and its features. Some delight us with their smooth and sensual female form and others force us to reflect on the wrinkles and marks of their maturity, while, finally, the concentrated, thoughtful, and meditative countenances of some suggest that, perhaps, they are looking for themselves in our observing eyes. ~ Ruben Contreras

Hyper realistic portrait, realistic portrait painting

Hyper realism oil painting portrait

Hyper realism portrait

Hyper realistic oil painting portrait, Realistic portrait painting

Realism emotional portrait

Hyper realistic portrait

Dream with me hyper realism Oil on canvas by Ruben Contreras

Beautiful woman painting female portrait hyper realism by Ruben Contreras

Hyper realistic old age portrait

Hyper realism old age painting

Realistic eye painting

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