Nature of Dreams

Textile Artist Makes Incredible Sculptures Inspired By Nature

Tilltle intro about my self and how the world of rooted and stitched was born, ever since I can remember art nature and fantasy have been a big part of my life and who I am as an artist wether I was out in nature just looking to it’s beauty to spending entire nights under the light of a lamp creating a creature made of paper or drawing what I have in mind so that the next day I can bring my idea to life this is just my nature and it has been a joy of mine to express my self creating and it will continue to be that way.

What inspired me the most to start the fantasy world of rooted & stitched was the fact that in one of my trips to the red woods in Oregon as I was making my way to the forest I saw this beautiful mushrooms just seating there on top of a fallen tree growing and taking over, the tree was covered with moss and the tiniest drops of breeze where adorning this beautiful forest creatures, it was then when it came to my mind, they are creating a fantasy for me and I said I need to preserve this moment forever and share it with the world.

My only questions was how can I replicate such beautiful moment without taking the mushrooms home and removing them from such fantastic world, it wasn’t my thing to do!! so when I came back home from my trip I was full of ideas and my notebook was full of drawings so once I got home as I was looking for something that I can use to start my creations it was then that in one of my cabinets I came across this old vintage piece of fabric that I was saving for years and I said fabric? Ok let’s see how it’s goes so I started twisting and sawing and cutting and painting and that’s how my very first creations was born MOTHER NATURE! if you follow my Instagram page you will see it’s my very first post. ~ Alex Velazquez

Mushroom Guardian“Mushroom Guardian”

Nature Dreams“Nature Dreams”

Amanita Mushrooms in Dome“Amanita Mushrooms in Dome”

Amanita Specimens

“Amanita Specimens”

Albino Beetle“Albino Scarabée”


Burrow swan“Burrow swan”


Ms Mushroom Grower“Ms Mushroom Grower”

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