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KunstWork Creations Handmade Resin Art

I did my bachelor’s in textile designing, which led me to my first few art exhibitions in India, which were on stained glass art, pottery art, and calligraphy. I went on to host multiple art exhibitions showcasing my bottle art pieces in the Philippines and was humbled by the outpour of support I got. I initially started doing Resin art at home when I moved to Minnesota to pour my energy into something productive. I soon discovered a deep love for this medium of art. To me, art is a limitless way to express your thoughts and feelings. There has never been a better time to express what I feel than now.

It’s an amazing thing to see the process of how these resin products are made. Using a mix of liquid resin and liquid hardener, I’m able to create utterly unique and amazing patterns. After these products cure (dry) they produce a beautiful, strong, durable, and shiny piece. I specialize in creating coasters, decorative platters, trinket bowls, serving trays, center pieces, tables, wall art, wine caddies, charcuterie boards, and so much more! I love working with different themes. My favorite themes to work with are beach, flower petals, geode, agate, abstract, and so on. It takes about three to seven layers of resin to create a 3-D effect product and takes up to twenty-four hours to fully cure. Once the final product is ready, I do a last flood coat of resin to make the products heat and water resistant.

I love working with resin, but it is a very hazardous material to work with in liquid form. However, once it’s cured it is safe. To make sure all my products are safe, I use FDA approved food-safe resin.

Since, my products are completely handmade, it can take one to three weeks to make them. During these weeks I always share every step of the process with my clients, especially if it’s a custom order.

Client feedback is particularly important to me, so I make sure to get my clients review of the product within a month of them using it. I believe that my resin products are beautiful, luxurious, and bring positivity wherever they go.

beautifully resin art by KunstWork CreationsResin Decorative Tray for Candles and Plants w/ Coasters

Gold and Silver Charcuterie Board resin art by KunstWork CreationsResin Charcuterie Board w/ Bowl and Coasters

Resin wall art, lovely resin art by KunstWork CreationsResin Charcuterie Board w/ Bowl and Coasters

ocean resin art by KunstWork Creations

Resin Ocean Serving Tray

Purple and Blue Tray w - Coasters KunstWork Creations

Reversible Agate Coasters resin art by KunstWork CreationsResin Agate-Inspired Coasters

KunstWork Creations Handmade Resin ArtResin Coasters w/ Real Oranges and Maple Leaves

Wispy Flower Coasters resin art by KunstWork Creations

Wispy flower petal coasters resin art by KunstWork CreationsResin Sunflower Coaster

Wooden Geode Resin Tray by KunstWork CreationsResin Serving Tray/Platter

handmade resin art table

Website: www.kunstworkcreations.com
Instagram: @kunst_work

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