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My name is Candice but I am known in the beauty community as EyeCandyCandice. I am a Professional Makeup Artist & Content Creator (just celebrated my 10th anniversary in the beauty industry this year). As a Content Creator, I’ve worked with 30+ brands (Prada, Google, Amazon, etc.) & as a Makeup Artist, I have a client list of nearly 300. I got my start at Sephora in 2012, which is where I learned tons of product knowledge and built up my makeup kit (we were given free makeup every month). I worked at Sephora until 2014 before leaving to become a freelance makeup artist. In 2017, I began taking my social media seriously (by posting consistently) and grew my overall following from 10k to more than 90k. In late 2019, I began getting approached by brands to do paid deals and at that point, I was ready to begin working with both brands and clients instead of just clients. In early 2020, Covid made it impossible to work on clients so brand deals were the only thing I focused on that year. In 2021, I began retaking clients regularly. Initially, it was a struggle to figure out how to balance both clients and brands but since then, I’ve found a formula that works for me! During the week, I film & edit beauty content for my social media platforms (Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook) or paid brand deals. On the weekends, I service my makeup clients where we collaborate and create gorgeous looks for their special occasions.

As you can see from the photos, some clients like a colorful & glittery eye look while others prefer more natural looks that aren’t as flashy. Every client is different so I need to have that flexibility and versatility as an artist to deliver flawless results regardless of skin tone, age, style preference, etc. It’s also important for me to make sure my clients feel beautiful when they leave my chair and they have a desire to book with me again! ~ @eyecandycandice

Thommy Yellow glitter makeup look by Candice

Stunning eyes makeup look

Stunning eyes makeup looks art

Lovely eyes makeup look

Beautiful eyes makeup looks

Beautiful eyes makeup look by Candice

Rain bow eyes makeup look by Candice

Lovely Eye makeup look by Candice

Colorful smokey eyes makeup looks

Glittery Rainbow Makeup Tutorial YouTube Video

Colorful eyes makeup looks

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