Rose flower drawing

Brian Owens Art Incredibly hyper realistic pastel drawings of flowers dripping honey

I am self-motivated and an extremely driven artist. In life, I contemplate my environment and interactions with a unique perspective to understand and accentuate subtleties easily overlooked.

Art imitates life. Nature continues to be the source of the most beautiful spectacles. As much as I seek perfection in my own work, it will never be more perfect than the natural world. Yet, the desire to create pieces that portray the stunning, simplistic beauty of nature’s creations still drives me.

My floral pieces are all about capturing the majestic qualities of details that are often overlooked. I want these works to challenge the viewer’s perspective of scale and instill a greater appreciation for the intricacies of the simple.

I also like to introduce elements such as flour and honey to create interesting, texturized and palpable scenes, unlike typical floral still-lifes.

I always go into these projects with a vision of how I want to present a flower (found in the wild or florist shop). That vision morphs as I spend hours taking hundreds of photos in various positions and lighting until I ultimately choose the most compelling and use that as my reference.

Whether I’m using pastels, charcoal, graphite, salt, sand, flower petals, or any other traditional/non-traditional medium, the most satisfying moment always comes after I’ve spent days, weeks, and sometimes, months meticulously interpreting details to step back and realize my piece now has a life of its own.

Regardless of my subject matter, my approach is usually the same; to capture that subject in the most compelling way possible. As I said before, I leave room for variable change to occur because 9 times out of 10, the image I end up with is not the image I began within my head.

What I hope for, is that viewers feel a subliminal, visual continuity between my flower series, portraits, and other creations.

This series combines the fragility of flowers with the movement and bold nature of honey to create palpable images that stimulate more than one of the viewer’s senses. The dynamic compositions offer a more interesting perspective than typical floral still-lifes, while attaining high levels of hyperrealistic detail. The attention to the macro and micro scale lends a captivating scene for the audience, regardless of their distance from the pastel. ~ ( Brian Owens )

Rose flower pastel drawing

Yellow rose dripping honey

Rose and drop drawing

flower drawing dripping honey

Flower art drawing colored pastel

art flower drawing

Flower dripping honey pastel drawing

Pastel drawing of flowers dripping honey

Pastel drawings of flowers dripping honey

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