Shan McLoughlin Night ocean artwork canvas

The paintings are inspired by the beautiful beaches

My name is Shan McLoughlin, but I’m also known as Tidebreak Art. I am an acrylic and mixed media artist from Australia and my paintings are inspired by the beautiful beaches along the East Australian coastline. I love exploring the dramatic morning and evening skies over peaceful seas. I feel so lucky to live by the ocean and spend most of my time sitting on the sand and staring at the water. Taking mental notes of colour and light, I always find myself inspired to paint after spending time by the sea.

I have a small studio in my beachside apartment in Wollongong, Australia. I’m currently working as a high school English Literature teacher and paint in my free time. My paintings feature a lot of blue, which I didn’t realise until I started taking photos of my studio! I love all things art and drawing was always my craft of choice. I’ve only recently started painting and I can’t believe it’s taken me so many years to find something that brings me such fulfilment. My love of painting started with occasional ‘paint and sip’ classes – you know the ones – BYO wine and they supply the canvas and paints. Over the past year, I’ve accumulated a variety of different painting materials as I searched for my own style. I believe that painting moody skies and calm seas are what I’ve been building towards.

I use a variety of different paints when composing my art. My favourite paints are the Mont Marte Dimension paints, but I use whatever suits the individual painting. I use canvas which I prime and, when the piece is completed, finished with vanish. I paint around the sides of the canvas for a wrap-around look and all artworks have my signature on the front (normally bottom right of the canvas). These paintings are designed to last, which is why I use a varnish finish, and are ready to hang on walls at home. My artworks are completed over an extended period of time and are not mass produced. It’s been such a fun experience following my passion and finding something which brings me so much joy. I’m still learning and exploring as an artist and enjoying every moment I spend with a brush in my hand. ~ Tidebreak Art

Beach canvas painting by Shan McLoughlin

ocean at night painting byShan McLoughlin

Shan McLoughlin Ocean acrylic painting waves

Shan McLoughlin ocean sunset painting

Scuba diver painting by Shan McLoughlin

Shan McLoughlin ocean wall art

Shan McLoughlin Seascape ocean painting

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