Art in Love Paintings by Artist Bahman

Textured love portrait paintings by Artist Bahman

I draw my inspiration greatly from esotericism without this being the main theme of my work. There are many references to Greek mythology, Christianity and the Kabbalah. All this is indicated by sometimes insignificant details that only attract the attention of a connoisseur. I like to borrow elements from ancient times and civilizations, sometimes unrelated to each other, to make a heterogeneous whole which never the less has a certain unity. In the same way, I mix pictorial influences from ancient Greece, the Italian Renaissance, or the Baroque. A kind of fusion painting according to my desires without being based on anything concrete or authentic. The important thing is to achieve a harmonious whole, which sometimes conveys a subliminal message. The search for beauty remains above all my main goal.

The texture of the paintings is as important as the paint. From embossing to the inclusion of stones through additions of various objects such as feathers or metal sheets, all covered with gold, the texture gives a three-dimensional aspect to the painting, the appearance of which changes according to the light. This is the reason why my works lose their interest when they are seen in the form of photographs. My inspiration comes from ancient icons where only the faces and hands of saints were painted and everything else was just gilding and engraving. Between traditional painting and the bizarre object, my works would easily find their place in what was once called a cabinet of curiosities. ~ @bahman.artiste

Words of wisdom textured portrait painting by Artist BahmanWords of wisdom 2 : a man is accompanied by his psychopomp ( spirit in the form of an animal who guides the deceased in the realm of death) with two women initiating him with the Logos( the verb)

Words of wisdom textured painting by Artist BahmanWords of wisdom 3 : an angel is initiating a young girl

Memento mori textured painting by Artist BahmanMemento mori : I remember death. Love is stronger than death, although love is inseparable from death

Words of wisdom textured painting by Artist Bahman

Words of wisdom 1 : a young man is initiating a young girl with a parrot listening to the conversation.

The lovers Painting textured painting by Artist BahmanThe lovers : the lovers are surrounded by angels who glorify their love. The peacock is one of the allegory of the ultimate transformation of the philosopher stone, and the fullness of their union. The snake is a reminder that love can always be perverted by sin and death.

Woman and psychopomp textured portrait painting by Artist BahmanWoman and psychopomp : the character is accompanied by her guide.

The kiss Painting Watercolor on Cardboard by Artist BahmanThe kiss 2 : the kiss of damnation that leads to etetnal death

The Woman Drawing Pencil on Paper by Artist Bahman

The Man Drawing Pencil by Artist BahmanWoman / man : these characters have their eyes closed like diseased people buried in their ceremonial outfits, surrounded by gold and jewelry, as in antique burial ceremonies. A serie of drawing I did in the beginning

The kiss Painting Watercolor on Cardboard by Artist BahmanThe kiss 2 : the kiss of redemption that leads to eternal life

Bliss textured painting by Artist BahmanBliss : the two lovers are surrounded by two Angels , one is holding a pomegranate, the fruit of desire, and the other one, a skull. Love and death are intimately linked

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