Inspired tribal portrait

Sierra Roberts New Zealand artist intrinsically inspired by the faces of the world

Sierra Roberts is a young New Zealand artist, intrinsically inspired by the faces of the world and the stories that live in each individuals eyes. She primarily paints large scale, vibrant portraits, portraying that nothing is more powerful than human connection.

Inspired by the pages of National Geographic, Sierra became fascinated with the beauty and diversity of cultural practises around the world, questioning why people adorn themselves in certain ways, what creates tradition, and what makes each person their authentic selves. Sierra uses painting as a way to understand and celebrate differences from all identities aiming to highlight the beauty and bond us all through the human experience.

Realistic portrait painting african tribal woman smile by Sierra Roberts

From exploring the world herself, Sierra believes each human has their own unique story to be shared. Many of her works are impressions from a place and people met, not one particular person.

Through sharing these portraits Sierra aims to highlight individual identities as well as cultural. She believes though we are all unique and differ culturally, at the roots we are all the same. When we look at one another openly, with curiosity and acceptance we can not only preserve, but celebrate all cultures. It’s not about our differences, it’s about our similarities. ~ sierra roberts

African children portrait by Sierra Roberts

Sadiqa painting by Sierra Roberts

African Bonda Women Painting

african woman portrait painting by Sierra Roberts

Ora paintng by Sierra Roberts

The yellow rose and old woman portrait by Sierra Roberts

Juana w Flowers in her hair painting by artist Sierra Roberts

African woman portrait painting by Sierra Roberts

Vibrant blue hydrangea by Sierra Roberts

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