The Artwork by Maria Vasileva

The Artworks of Maria Vasileva

Maria was born in Bulgaria and spent her childhood in the Bulgarian mountains. In Bulgaria, she studied at art school for five years where her focus was on life and still life drawing.

Maria then moved to London where she studied Graphic Design at the University of Greenwich and graduated in 2019. Since graduating, she has returned to the medium of painting, as painting is where her passion lies. She participated in many exhibitions in Bulgaria and she won First place in The National Art Competition The Water Source of Life in 2013. Her inspiration now is Bob Ross and his Wet on Wet style. She works primary in oil on stretched canvas. She believes that art is compulsory in our lives no matter our age and interests. Her art was featured in the Christmas Issue 2020 of the famous magazine House and Garden UK. She participated in few virtual exhibitions – “Restart the Planet” and “Locked up”. To see more of her work check out here:

Green Landscape Oil Painting“Green Land” Oil Painting Art Decor 28×36 inches on Stretched Canvas.

Artworks by Maria

Landscape Oil Painting on Canvas“Christmas Eve” Oil Painting Art Decor 24×30 Stretched Canvas.

Landscape Oil Painting on Canvas

“Into the forest” Oil Painting Art Decor 40×60 inches on Stretched Canvas.

Beautiful Landscape Oil Painting“Poppy Garden” Oil Painting Art Decor 39×20 inches on Stretched Canvas.

Amazing Landscape Oil Painting on Canvas“Shizuoka Mountains” Oil Painting Art Decor 28×36 inches on Stretched Canvas.

Amazing Mountscape Oil Painting Art Decor“Snow Breeze” Oil Painting Art Decor 24×30 Stretched Canvas.

Artwork of Maria Vasileva Magazine

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