Watercolor Painting on Illustration Cards

Watercolor Card Hand Painted Greeting Cards

Valeria was born in a small town in the south of Russia. Since childhood, she was attracted to nature and its inhabitants. After classes at school, Valeria spent hours sketching various animals, birds, plants from encyclopedias. Later graduated from art school. And then the Pedagogical Institute, becoming a teacher of fine arts. Now Valeria paints mostly watercolors, creating illustrations with her favorite natural scenes. The drawings are notable for their tenderness and light mood of fabulousness.

She teaches watercolor sketching and conducts social activities on Instagram ~ renne_lera

Watercolor Painting on Illustration Cards

Watercolor Painting Illustration

Bird watercolor painting

Watercolor Painting Illustration Card

Watercolor Painting Animal Illustration Card

Cool watercolor painting

Illustration Watercolor Painting

Watercolor Painting Bird Illustration Card

Watercolor Painting on Illustration Cards

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