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The Importance of Art Education in Forming the World View of Graduates

The earliest form of art discovered by archaeologists goes back to around 30,000 years ago. Since then, art has contributed to human evolution through its creative revolutions. Art today helps shape motor, language, and social skills in society. Graduates who have studied art get a different view of the world, cultures, and societies.

It might not be a preferred major but studying art with other courses boosts success. It builds critical thinking and verbal skills, which are important after graduation. It helps graduates have a good understanding of themselves. This creates a higher sense of self-confidence in facing the world. Graduates with a higher sense of self-expression and creativity can fit in any society worldwide.

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Why studying art is important

Many students prefer courses that are more marketable in the world. They forget each country has a unique culture built over many centuries. Art education plays an important role in the lifestyles of societies. It is expressed in the food they consume, clothing, structures, and music. Building a passion for art can help a graduate push through the initial challenges of life.

The graduate gets exposed to real-life applications of art. It provides them with opportunities to use their creativity for growth and development. A study by Frontiers reveals that art skills have a direct impact on an individual. It affects their emotional, physical, and psychological well-being. Graduates who are trained in art create the time and space for creative expression. Such graduates have lesser stress, are socially connected, and show improved memory.
A study by the University of Illinois reveals studying arts presents many benefits to graduates. They learn to appreciate what other people create. The skills learned, such as drawing, singing, or painting, provides them with a reason to live. Graduates with an art education degree live happier, healthier lives and seek to improve other people’s lives.

The role of the essay in art education

Art education is important in developing the creativity and critical thinking of students. It is a vital subject that helps shape students after graduation. Apart from building a possible career path, art helps broaden an individual’s mind. An essay in art education helps build critical thinking. The student needs to present ideas in a coherent way to persuade readers to agree with their stand. The conclusion of an art essay is as important as its introduction and body. You can easily generate essay conclusion with the EduBirdie tool online. The conclusion generator was developed for student use to create attractive essay.

education technology college concept five smiling students
Image source: @romeo22

How art education helps graduates

Appreciating diversity: Art and artistic expressions differ from one culture to the next. The kind of art in the West differs from that of the East. It can be seen in the various items people create around the world. The graduate appreciates people’s diversity, and they can fit nicely in any society.

Understanding human origins and evolution: Human beings have been evolving since the earliest man appeared on the earth. Their evolution can be traced through diverse forms of art and writing. The art of education defines who human beings are and their importance in the world’s revolutions.

Building creativity: Art plays an important role in building people’s creativity. A graduate can use this creativity to have a starting point in life. Today’s great architectural skills have their foundation in traditional art. Some become excellent in creating music, cinema, literature, and sculpture.

Self and cultural awareness: Self-awareness goes deeper into a person’s thoughts, memories, and feelings. It connects to a person’s imagination and deeper understanding of themselves. The graduate realizes who they are, and their perception of life changes. They further become aware of their culture and that of other people. Such a graduate can settle into life more quickly than many others.

Development of problem-solving skills: Graduates who have learned art have better problem-solving skills. This is due to improved critical thinking skills that propel them to seek solutions to issues. Since they have a deeper worldview, they can make proper decisions. They create solutions that will meet societal needs, and some may aspire to become art teachers.



Art is as old as human evolution and plays an important role in people’s development. Studies show that graduates who have studied art find their place in society faster. They learn to appreciate the culture and creativity of other artists. The graduates portray higher-level problem-solving skills and understand who they are. Due to their positivity about life, the graduates are less stressed.


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