Self-taught sculptor makes steel wire sculptures

Self-taught sculptor makes wire sculptures by twisting steel wires

Alice Zilelian-Barton is an Armenian artist born and raised in Queens, NY, and currently lives in New Jersey. She is a self-taught wire artist sculptor and has been working with wire for over 20 years. She is a pastry chef by trade.

Alice is a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology (1995-1999) and The Institute of Culinary Education (2002-2003). Two of her favorite artists are Auguste Rodin and Vincent van Gogh. She tried many different mediums for sculpture until she found that working with wire was her true passion. Over the years her art has evolved from simple forms with steel wire to pieces with color wire and some bead incorporation with intricate details. She gives life and character to her wire sculptures through her attention to detail and techniques.

Alice’s inspiration ranges from favorite childhood nostalgia to animals, scenes from nature, and abstract pieces using geometric shapes and patterns. Some of her art is also inspired by her love for her Armenian culture. She is currently working on a donation project for an Armenian school in Massachusetts, recreating the Armenian alphabet with wire in a bird calligraphy style, known as “Trchnakir”. Her artwork has been described as colorful and whimsical and all her pieces are handmade and one of a kind. Most of her pieces are flat but she does like to work in 3 dimensional as well. She is currently focusing on ways to promote her work through social media as well as selling her art to the public. ~ @alicewires

Wire sculpture by twisting single strand of wireRubik’s Cube

Wire hanger art by twisting steel wiresAbstract triangles

Wire hanger art by Alice Zilelian-BartonMandala Owl

Self-taught sculptor makes wire sculptures

LeMarchand Box

Wire wall art moon and starsMoon and Stars

Wire sculpture by twisting single strand of wireMushrooms and the Snail

Wire sculptures by twisting steel wiresRainbow fish 

Wire sculptures by Alice Zilelian-BartonWhite Rabbit

Self-taught artist makes intricate wire sculptureMandala Toad

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