Natalya's Artworks Magic Dolls and Jewelry

Natalya’s Artworks Magic Dolls and Jewelry

My name is Natalya. I am a jewelry and doll artist.
I make beaded jewelry for more than 20 years since I was 12. And for several years I make dolls, magic creatures and dollhouses.
I know many techniques and materials: beading, bead embroidery, silk embroidery, gold embroidery, realistic floristry, papier-mache, metal clay, polymer clay, epoxy resin, wirework etc.

My source of inspiration are my favorite books, music, poems and films. And, of course, Middle Ages. I like fantasy, especially Russian fantasy. For example, my necklaces with Melkor is made inspired by the Black Silmarillion. I’ve made some works by “Game of the Thrones”,

The name of my shop translates as “Sagebrush wind” – the name of my favorite Russian singer’s album. ~ Polynnyi Veter

Polynnyi Veter's Artworks Magic dollsAeny is one my first ball-jointed dolls. She was named after the heroine of «The Black Silmarillion», Aeny The Firefly. Aeny made of «Living Doll» clay, and her wings are flexible. They are made of stabilized Stachys. They are soft and fluffy, like a real live Stachys leaves. But unlike in living leaves they are embroidered Swarivski crystals and sequins.

Polynnyi Veter's Artworks Magic dolls and jewelryMelkor necklace is my favorite work. I wear it to all the dolls and handmade exhibitions I participate in. Melkor for me is a symbol of teaching. «Tano» (Teacher), as his disciples, the dark elves, called him. He created dangerous animals, like salamander on his wrist. The flexible embroidered black poppies symbolize his dead disciples, free, defenseless and unarmed creators.

Polynnyi Veter's Artworks Magic dolls and jewelryThe «Rain in the desert» necklace I had an interesting idea to combine beadwork with led lights and make the led jewelry. This necklace has 5 leds and is powered by a battery. All electrical wires are well-hidden and not visible. You can wear it switched off or on.

I was inspired to make the necklace of rain in the desert. The embroidery under chiffon («under the rain») is such complicated as in other parts of the necklace. You can see Swarovski crystals, seed beads and gold threads there too.

Polynnyi Veter's Artworks Magic dolls and jewelry

The wingless keeper of the winged dreamers is a static doll with the ball-jointed parts. He is made of an old medical flask bought at a flea market. I put some epoxy resin and add the real tree roots in it. I thought about a huge wingless bird, which could protect the dreamers. The Keeper has a strong beak and legs to defend his friends from the danger (for example, from the orcs). He has no wings but has a beautiful tree branches, amethyst crystals and mushrooms, which grow on his body and can move.

Polynnyi Veter's Artworks Magic dolls and jewelryNecklace and bracelet “The time of flowers” is my vision of steampunk Flowers grow through the clock gears, and it shows the unity of the life and mechanics.

 Howl wizard ( necklace inspired by ‘Howl’s mooving castle’)

Polynnyi Veter's Artworks Magic dolls and jewelrySeller of pumpkins

Polynnyi Veter's Artworks Magic dolls and jewelrySnake’s hill (hair clip)

Polynnyi Veter's Artworks Magic dolls and jewelryThe black orchids (bracelet)

Polynnyi Veter's Artworks Magic dolls and jewelryThe green fire of creation (necklace)

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