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Expressive Acrylic Painter Specialized in Portraits and Abstract

I’m an expressive acrylic painter specialized in portraits and abstract. I am known for my bold use of color, vibrancy, and well as the emotions and stories for each of my pieces. “Beauty in the Face of Adversity” has a lot to do with strong women rising up. Learning tough lessons in life allows me to help those that need a little inspiration and connection.

I’ll share with you a little backstory that shaped me into the person that I am today. I was born in Camden, NJ but moved to Florida when I was 11. Growing up a single mother and moving from place to place became the norm for a while. I Started drawing as a teenager as a form of stability and therapy and was fascinated with anything that allowed me to express myself. When I started high school, I got into the magnet program that allowed me to explore the arts. I was in a video yearbook club, morning announcements, newspaper, and drama club. Being a shy kid, these clubs allowed me to really soar into the person I am today.

Expressive Acrylic Painter

Now as a 37-year old I’ve hit my stride with expressive paintings. I really feel at home when I begin a piece but most importantly I wanted my work to have a purpose. Strong female role models have been an ongoing theme in most of my pieces. I want to create a space that is safe to talk about sensitive subjects such as mental health, women in the workplace, domestic violence, and substance abuse. This is why I created the series “Beauty in the Face of Adversity.” I wanted people to know that it’s okay to open up in a deep way about these issues and to face these challenges together in a safe, creative space. It seems art has a deep impact on how we communicate especially when it’s hard to put your feelings into words.

To me, art sparks a powerful journey into the soul and mind, it’s a fabrication of one’s free will. It’s all about connection to higher parts of ourselves as well as our connection to spirit.

Acrylic Gold Leaf on Canvas“Divine Feminine” Acrylic Gold Leaf Stretched Canvas 12×12 inches

Abstract portrait paintings, realistic portrait painting“Digital Nature” Acrylic on Stretched Canvas 12×12 inches

Abstract Portrait Painting Tutorial

Cyndi canvas painting tutorial

“Cyndi” Acrylic stretched canvas 14×14 inches

Flora Canvas Art Acrylic portrait painting“Flora” Hand Painted Original Acrylic Canvas 14×14 inches

Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Canvas“Gaia” Abstract Painting Acrylic and Gold Leaf Stretched Canvas 12×12 inches

Acrylic Gold Leaf on Canvas“Tenacious Spirit” Gold leaf acrylic painting Stretched Canvas 12×12 inches

Original abstract painting“Chances” Wall art Acrylic Painting Gold Leaf Stretched Canvas 24×18 inches

abstract sunset painting Wall art ideas“Creative Limits” Wall art Acrylic Stretched Canvas 20×24 inches

Ebb and flow painting ideas“Ebb and Flow” (Gold leaf powder and Heavy Gel texture with strokes of a newly discoved rare YlnMn blue watercolor) Abstract Art Acrylic Stretched Canvas 20×24 inches

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