Artist Steve Simon art exhibit

Artist Seeks Answers in the Lives of Great Peacemakers

Like many of us, I feel as though humanity is hurdling toward some very troubling breaking points. About ten years ago in an almost foolhardy desire to find solutions to some of these vexing problems, I decided to start studying the lives of great peacemakers. Over the course of the last decade, I have studied three dozen of these luminaries, painting each as I progressed along this “arc of the moral universe” as Martin Luther King called it.
The collection of paintings has been reproduced along with information about the respective peacemakers in a traveling exhibit. The exhibit, which is design to educate, entertain, and inspire, includes a 30-minute audio tour. Visitors may also view videos of many of the paintings.

A book featuring a more in-depth discussion of the research and the lessons gleaned from the project is in progress. I am interested in collaborating with other artists and entrepreneurs in taking this project in directions that can help promote peace and collective well-being. ~ @TheGreatPeacemakers

Deganawida painting by Artist Steve SimonDeganawidah and the Great Law of Peace

Mahatma Gandhi painting by Artist Steve SimonGandhi in Meditation

Mother-Teresa painting by Artist Steve SimonMother Teresa

Jane Goodall painting by Artist Steve Simon

David Greybeard Meets Mr. H.

Sadako Sasaki art by Artist Steve SimonSadako Sasaki

Spiral Staircase painting by Artist Steve SimonBending the Arc of the Moral Universe

students in art exhibitionStudents Visiting the Traveling Exhibit

Artist Steve Simon art exhibitionTraveling Exhibit

The Art Of Peace -MockupForthcoming book: The Art of Peace

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