Abstract art painting by Sal Ponce Enrile
Abstract Art

Sal Ponce-Enrile Philippine-Based Legislator Turned Artist

Sal Ponce-Enrile is a Philippine-based legislator-turned-artist currently living in Manila. She creates beautiful, energetic, and emotionally-charged abstract paintings employing acrylic, mixed media, and a variety of textures. Sal has mastered telling a story through her artwork, pulling subjects and taking slices from her own life and experiences, and inviting audiences...
Pet portrait drawing by Madeleine

Coloured Pencil Artist Specialise in Realistic Pet Portraits

I am Madeleine, a self-taught coloured pencil artist. I specialise in creating realistic pet portraits and my favourite subject is dogs. In 2017 I was searching for a hobby to de-stress, a new direction in life. I experimented with acrylic paint (which I will be trying again soon), pastels, watercolours...
Cameo doll portrait by Xhanthi

Create small sculptural cameo doll portraits

My name is Xhanthi and I'm a mixed media artist, from Australia currently living in the US. I create small sculptural cameo portraits. My work travels through quite a few twists and turns before reaching completion. My pieces are designed using 3D software, then printed and finished with clay before...
Realism Portrait by Lotte Philip

Artist Lotte Philip exploring Portrait Realism

Lotte Philip, 22, is based in Norfolk, UK. She was born into a love for art that grew into a fascination for Portrait Realism. Lotte has honed her skillset by exercising her realistic style across Pencil and Oil paint mediums. The skill, love and support for her art has increased...
Mermaid princess face paint by Marta Ortega
Makeup Art

Marta Ortega Spanish Makeup Artist and Face Painter

Marta Ortega is a Spanish makeup artist and face painter from Spain. She started doing it as a hobby in 2015, when she was studying Hispanic philology at the University of Seville, without knowing that it would later become her profession. After finishing her degree, she realized that what she...
Hyper realistic animal drawings

Creating Realistic Portraiture Artwork of Pets

My name is Shay and I live & work as a full-time portrait artist in south England with the most beautiful surroundings around me. For my artwork endeavours, I go by the alias Shaymus which is a name that has stuck with me since my childhood. Recently graduating from university...
Kicki Edgren Explaining art on Trendyartideas
Abstract ArtPaintings

Kicki Edgren – Explaining my art

Kicki Edgren, born 1972, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, has had about 25 solo art exhibitions in Sweden, and recently her paintings has been exhibited in Galleries in Europe - Monaco, Spain and Italy and Canada. Kicki Edgren has attended several art educations, including a master’s degree from HDKValand - Academy...
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