Dan Hoopert 3D Artist Based in London

London Based 3D Artist Dan Hoopert

Dan Hoopert is a 3D artist living in London. His work is often based around re-creating natural elements with a surreal touch. Using 3D software and a strong eye for realism Dan often aims to create a feeling of phenomena through abstract imagery. Audio Synthesis: What Does A Tree Sound...
Mind Blowing Makeup Looks Creations By Kristin Ker
Makeup Art

Mind Blowing Makeup Looks Creations By Kristin Ker

Hi again! So a brief backstory about my makeup journey, I started when the covid pandemic started in May 2020. I decided not to work anymore. Being home quarantined and avoiding outdoor activities and people gives me bad anxiety and panic attacks. I started getting tired. Some of my friends...
Create gorgeous makeup looks by Create gorgeous makeup looks by Candice
Makeup Art

Create Gorgeous Makeup Looks

My name is Candice but I am known in the beauty community as EyeCandyCandice. I am a Professional Makeup Artist & Content Creator (just celebrated my 10th anniversary in the beauty industry this year). As a Content Creator, I've worked with 30+ brands (Prada, Google, Amazon, etc.) & as a...
make beaded snake necklace by FoxyStyleJewelry

Gorgeous Beaded Snake Jewelry by FoxyStyleJewelry

FoxyStyleJewelry - creative workshop, which is engaged in manufacturing handmade beaded jewelry. Our work differs from the line counterparts by originality, practicality, and nonstandard due to the individual work of our consultants with each customer. We will help you to choose the jewelry, every day, and for any important event...
Wondrous pop art by Finnish artist Diana Ringo
Digital Painting

Wondrous pop art by Finnish artist Diana Ringo

Diana Ringo is a Finnish contemporary artist, filmmaker and musician currently living in Turku. She creates colorful pop art portraits of celebrities, mixed media collages, still lives, fantasy works and abstract pieces. She has painted pop art portraits of musicians David Bowie, Taylor Swift, actors Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, communist...
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