Figurative art paintings by Artist Veronica Winters

The Artist Paints a Different Reality in Colored Pencil and Oil paint

Educated in Fine Art in the US, Veronica Winters steps away from traditional painting to create visionary art that merges reality with fantasy. Using her ideas, emotions, travel and art history, the artist paints a different reality in colored pencil and oil paint. Her figurative art becomes a meditation on...
Dark Surrealism Photography Jaqueline Vanek
Photography Art

Dark Surrealism Self Portrait Photography

Jaqueline Vanek was born in Austria in 1984 and is currently living in Madrid, Spain. She is an award-winning Fine Art Photographer, Visual Artist & Senior Visual UI/UX Designer. Her photographic artist journey started back in 2005, after her studies in Fine Arts, Casting and Moulding. Having experimented with many...
Sculpting 101 How Do You Get Started

Sculpting 101: How Do You Get Started?

Art is a very creative way to communicate with the world. Some artists left significant pieces that helped historians discover the circumstance in that era. So, it gradually helped map out the life of people throughout time. Image Source If you want to produce art and be like the artists...
Professional Body Artist Francois Rose

The Professional Body Painter François Rose

I was born and raised in Belgium, where I still live with my two children. I started painting on skin at "Bicolline" a Live Action Role-Playing game in Québec, in the late 1990s. I was a nerdy Jack-of-all-trades in both my professional and artistic life at that time, and I...
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