The Artwork by Maria Vasileva

The Artworks of Maria Vasileva

Maria was born in Bulgaria and spent her childhood in the Bulgarian mountains. In Bulgaria, she studied at art school for five years where her focus was on life and still life drawing. Maria then moved to London where she studied Graphic Design at the University of Greenwich and graduated...
Carol Coates Artist

The Artworks of Carol Coates

In my rural childhood home, there was little tolerance or trust of those who were different. I was disturbed by the unjust and narrow points of view of family, friends, and acquaintances. All of my work relates to the issues of perception and choice. Our points of view are based...
Impressionist oil painter Hafsa Idrees

Hafsa Idrees impressionist oil painter

My name is Hafsa Idrees and I am an impressionist oil painter. My professional art journey started as the lockdown started last year in March, due to Covid 19. A friend of mine had given me a set of oil paints that she didn't need anymore. I thought it was...
Figure Oil Paintings by Caleigh Bird

Caleigh Bird Realism Figure Oil Paintings

I've been a figure artist for around 20 years now, but made a conscious decision to dedicate much of this time to learning to draw and paint the figure as proportionally correct and realistically as possible before deciding to delve into my own style. A few years ago I started...
Handmade resin art KunstWork Creations

KunstWork Creations Handmade Resin Art

I did my bachelor's in textile designing, which led me to my first few art exhibitions in India, which were on stained glass art, pottery art, and calligraphy. I went on to host multiple art exhibitions showcasing my bottle art pieces in the Philippines and was humbled by the outpour...
Patricia Ochudlo fine artist

Patricia Ochudlo Fine Artist from Germany

I'm Patricia Ochudlo, a 21-year-old fine artist from Germany. For the past two years, I've been self-representing and sharing my work on social media - with a community of thousands of collectors from around the globe. Over the years I have developed my own, unique mixed-media technique that involves lots...
Michele Petrelli figurative paintings by Michele Petrelli

Michele Petrelli’s painting is figurative neo expressionist

Michele Petrelli is a wide-ranging visionary artist. His painting is figurative neo expressionist. The drawing emerges strong from some of his paintings, while in others, the contours are not sharp and the subjects become increasingly abstract. His subjects tell a story full of pathos and are drawn from popular culture,...
Hyper realistic Artist Johannes Wessmark

Johannes Wessmark Hyperrealist Artist

Johannes Wessmark was born in Karlstad, Sweden in 1962. After working as an advertising and computer graphics illustrator for 15 years, he realized his dream of becoming a full-time artist in 2006. In my paintings, I want to convey a feeling of calm and relaxation. Water and landscapes a subject...
True North Oil on Linen by artist Eric J Drummond

The figures and portraits by the Painter Eric J Drummond

Eric began drawing at an early age. Born to parents from Madeira, Portugal and Le Marche,Italy; he was constantly inspired by western art, specifically the Italian Renaissance. Some of the artists most influential to Eric over the years include Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Pontormo,Bronzino, Cellini, Bernini, Luca Giordano, Tintoretto, Rembrandt,...
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