Acrylic portrait paintings by artist Line Mari Kristoffersen
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Artist Line Mari Kristoffersen Portrait Paintings

My name is Line Mari Kristoffersen I am an artist from Norway based in Tønsberg. I have been painting and drawing seens I was Five years old. I am a self-taught painter but have probably inherited a lot from my father who is a very good draftsman. In my early years, I did a lot of animal pictures, especially horses.

For me painting is a feeling, an expression, or something who has inspired me. My newest pieces are inspired by popart, although I want my own style to show.

I am constantly trying new things and love to explore and find things that I can use in my pictures.

Nardia Boodoo, I was very happy to be allowed to use her as a model for my painting, ballet dancers has always inspired me, hard-working and beautiful. I Really love doing portraits, it has to be my favorite thing to do. There’s just something about faces and expressions.

The spaceman was a fun project, I never really had a plan for him than to give him a lot of colors. ~ Line Mari Kristoffersen

Portrait Canvas Painting and Line Mari Kristoffersen

Acrylic Painting Ideas

Acrylic is fun to work with, it dries quickly and you can do a lot of different things with it.

You can easily add glitter, plaster or glue different types of materials such as wood or metal to your canvas and paint over With acrylic and adding as many layers of different colors as you like. If I paint abstract I use many types of tules as a sponge, knife etc. Just paste or slide it over your colors, making your own look, just what comes to your mind, there are no rules in art.

When I paint my portraits Its 4-6 layers, this is because I think layering makes better expression in the faces and gives good depth makes it look more real. Acrylics makes this process quick and easy because of its quick drying time. Always have a good plan for your mixed color so it doesn’t dry out before you are done on your canvas. Here I also sometimes add gold sheet, or crystals as exs. Earrings so the picture gets a little more glam look if you want.

Line Mari Kristoffersen artist in studio

The man portrait acrylic painting by Line Mari Kristoffersen“The Man” Acrylic on Canvas, 80×100 cm.

A Big Breath of Sea Painting by Line Mari Kristoffersen

“A Big Breath Of Sea” Acrylic on Canvas, 90×90 cm.

Big city dream painting by Line Mari Kristoffersen“Big City Dream” Acrylic on Canvas, 80×100 cm.

The Man Portrait  by Line Mari Kristoffersen“The Man” Acrylic on Canvas, 80×100 cm.

Spaceman pop art painting by Line Mari Kristoffersen“Spaceman” Acrylic on Canvas, 80×100 cm.

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