Anastasiya Fender's artwork Telling stories

Telling stories about people with charcoal, oil and light

My work focused on capturing the inner meaning of people. It takes a great amount of skill and effort to capture people in a like manner, but physical likeness is not my only goal. I try to capture their character, emotions, the “feeling” that you get when you meet them.

I am not sure exactly how this process happens exactly, but it is similar to a long journey that I embark on in the beginning of every painting… it feels scary every time. But it is also an increasingly exhilarating process that I can’t live without. Every time I start a painting I hope to arrive in the end to a true portrayal of my subject, not only in form but in meaning. ~ Anastasiya Fender

Anastasiya Fender's artwork Telling stories“Anticipation.” My self portrait in the Covid era. This was an experiment of pouring epoxy over oil. I really enjoyed it! Can’t wait to produce more of this.

Anastasiya Fender self-portrait“Proverb” this is my self-portrait contemplating on the proverb 33 in the life of a modern woman.

Anastasiya Fender's artwork Telling storiesUnicycle Queen – this is a portrait of my friend Jennifer, an incredible painter and a very inspiring person. Jennifer is a master of unicycles… that alone is a huge inspiration to me.

Anabelle Lee portrait

“Resurrection of Anabelle Lee.” Portrait of my brother Daniel writing the music to the poem of Edgar Allan Poe. I was trying to capture Daniel’s gaze into eternity.

Anastasiya Fender's artwork Telling stories

“My Mothers Magic” This is a portrait of my mother surrounded by all her work including the wedding dress that she is sewing for me.

Anastasiya Fender's artwork Telling storiesPortrait of my friend Denise – a super talented artist from Austin. She is a very gentle person and I tried to capture it in the expression on her face as she was seating on her favorite antique chair.

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