This fabulous headpieces are all zip ties in different sizes. I put gems coz I always love blings.

My queen fairy! Made all the props here too. Love this one.

I made this headpiece from zip ties and pearls. I am new into making the headpiece at this look.

My 3rd Medusa- all the snakes around the headpiece was made from FOAMCLAY .

This is the first props I made out of HOTGLUE.

This is one of the longest look I have made. Took me 7 hours and maybe 2 hrs to remove coz of the glitters.

LEO – A Black lioness with some yellow gold lightning.

Inspo is the mobile legend character sun. But wanted to be a realistic monkey as I can.

This Queen was just a random idea, included in my MAC campaign. Headpiece is made from zipties and rhinestones.