It shows Brooklyn and Manhattan in the distance.

"Brooklyn and Manhattan in the Distance" (full size drawing) A view of an imaginary avenue in Brooklyn with an ‘El’ train looking up to Manhattan.

Check out this cool sketch of Rue de Rennes in Paris!

‘Rue de Rennes, Paris’ (Full size drawing) A realistic view of one of the great Boulevards in Paris, the Rue de Rennes on the left bank with Tour Montparnasse in the background.

‘Park on Sunday’ An imaginary view of a park with an arch on a sunny afternoon. The scenery is strongly based on Washington Square in NYC.

‘Florence’ A view of Florence in Italy with the Piazza Ss. Annunziata in the foreground and the famous cathedral at the end of the street.

‘East River and Downtown Manhattan’ A realistic view of the great spans over the East River with Downtown Manhattan in the back.

‘NYC Rush hour’ (2nd image is a detail) A busy Manhattan avenue set the light of the setting sun.

‘Santa Agata, a village in the Italian Alps’ A hamlet high above Lago Maggiore in Italy after dark.

‘London from Primrose Hill’ A realistic view of London seen from Primrose Hill in North London.