"Megan In The Kitchen" This is a picture of Megan in her new kitchen holding her cat.

"River In Underwear On The Bed" This is a picture Nienke made for Valentine’s day, portraying the message: Give love, share love, self-love. River explaining the importance of loving/taking care of yourself.

"Barbie Nishi Pouring Tea" This is a picture of Nishi having a quiet day at home pouring herself a cup of tea and just relaxing.

"Three Girls Singing Karaoke" This is a picture of Emori, Zoey and River grooving of with a karaoke set.

"Picture Of Three Girls Hugging" In this picture, Tiffany and Josie came to visit Megan and ended up taking some cute pictures. It is so nice to have such good friends.

"River Behind Her New Desk" In this picture, River is super happy with her new room and her writing desk.

"Nishi And Cats" In this picture, Nishi is playing an cuddling with the cats. So nice to have so many cats around, they are such loving creatures.

"River At The Beach" River went to the beach to just listen to the waves and have a relaxing walk to clear her head.

River is visiting Velma and Sarah today. The three of them had the best time. Chatting, drinking coffee and of course Sarah needed some cuddles.

Betty’s cousin Brandi is visiting.

One happy little family. Mom Nora and her two daughters Betty and Chloe.