"Eva" which was created using a combination of ink, acrylic, watercolour, textured paper, and digital techniques.

"Every Path" using a mix of ink, watercolour, weathered paper, and digital techniques.

It's a beautiful "Fabric Rose" done in a unique combination of watercolour, weathered paper and digital techniques.

"Here Before" It's a combination of ink, watercolour, and weathered paper with a touch of digital art.

"Little Glimpses" a beautiful piece created with ink, acrylic, and digital techniques.

"This Time". It's a beautiful combination of ink, watercolour, weathered paper, and digital art.

"Four Of Hearts" using ink, watercolour and textured paper and then added some digital elements.

Impressive "Dark Fantasy Illustrative Style" artwork titled "The Drift"

This awesome dark fantasy illustration styled as an 'Out of Body'

Stunning illustration of a black girl and her beauty! It's a fantasy illustration with a unique illustrative style.

 "It Girl" It's a mix of ink, weathered paper, acrylic paint, and digital media.