The beautiful painting Bondi Beach Crowds in all its scenic splendor while soaking up the sun outdoors!

'Beach Girl Painting' done oil on oil paper. Take a look and let me know what you think!

'Hilders Study - Plein Air'! It's an oil painting on canvas that will transport you to a serene outdoor scene.

The "Currawong Study - Plein Air" painted in oil on canvas. Truly a relaxing experience being able to paint this beautiful scene surrounded by nature.

Check out this cool painting made of Bondi Beach. Actually painted it outside, surrounded by the beauty of the beach.

This is a painting called "Beach Girl - Blue Bikini" and it's made with oil on canvas!

This is a painting of the South Swell WNW at Bondi, created in a style known as "plein air" using oil on canvas.

"Beach Girl Study" using oil on oil paper. It turned out pretty cool!

"Beach Girl Study 4" painted on oil paper with oil paint. So stunning!

"Bondi Beach - Plein Air" painted on canvas with oil. It's the perfect addition to any beach lover's collection!

Create a painting of Bondi Beach in the great outdoors!