Closed Society, mixed media on canvas.

The pieces of jewellery of a The friends who are running in the house are the friends.

The Chicken Festival, mixed media on canvas.

It flashes excitedly out of myeyes; I can hardly believe it. Everyone is my guest today and so I invite you to the table and look forward to our chicken festival together.

We are different and that’s good, acrylic on canvas. Accept that others act differently, think differently, feel differently, look differently… you go the way that is predetermined and that is different than anyone else’s.

The Replaced (Nominated for Kitzaward) acrylic on canvas.

Jealousy, the companion of love, is in a burning hurry to believe everything that is not delighted. Not only by facts, but also by shadows. and dreams frighten her!

Whaling was the beginning, acrylic on canvas.

We do not know our future, but we could still behave in such a way that we can prepare everything for a future worth living. If people knew what the future would bring, they would still continue to act as if they knew not it!

Conflict 2019, acrylic on canvas. Individuality implies wholeness, an indivisible entity, and you are not that indivisible beings! They are split, fragmented… therefore you are not really indivisible; except… they are not indivi.

Pure Femininity 2019, acrylic on canvas.

The femininity is like a game with the Water. Water is pleasant, delicate and soft. Water is also the strongest concentrated force, that no one can stop. Femininity is therefore a… A walking a.